Magnotherapy is the practice of placing small magnets in very specific Auricular Acupuncture (ears) points on each ear. 

The best-case scenario is to compliment the treatment by using Acudetox where 5 needles are inserted into various points in each ear. 

In some cases with children who are afraid of the needles, an electronic pointer is used, which is painless to stimulate the points. It needs to be noted however that acupuncture is more effective than electro-stimulation. 

A treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes after which small gold magnets are placed on the back of the ear at a specific point.  

Up to 22 treatments of 1 treatment per week may be required where the magnets are replaced weekly (up to 5 months). 

The magnets assist in balancing the polarity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain i.e. they keep the brain chemistry and electrical function stable. 

Most ADD / ADHD is caused by toxicity. Unfortunately, half to two-thirds of our children appear to have these learning disabilities and usually, they are treated with Ritalin and sometimes even given psychiatric counseling. 

The Cause of ADD

Western Logic – ADD / ADHD is caused by unstable or dysfunctional brain chemistry (symptomatic treatment) 

Eastern Logic – ADD / ADHD is caused by a dysfunctional body i.e. organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, etc.) are not functioning properly resulting in imbalanced brain chemistry/function and ability. 

The imbalance in the organs cannot be detected through modern allopathic methods other than measuring the polarity of the organ function through using an electro stimulator/pointer/meter. It is important to notice that most ADD cases are simply not ADD. 

The emotional, logical, and focusing inability can be caused by other factors such as:

The abovementioned causes are definitely inconvenient to address and time-consuming. It is important to realize that many children are on medication because addressing their unacceptable behavior is inconvenient to the parent, but not impossible. Each proposed case of ADD or ADHD must be properly investigated. 

Where the cause of the problem is body imbalance, Acudetox & magnotherapy is highly effective in balancing the body, brain, mind and behavior. Normally the cause of an unbalanced body (organs) can be traced back as far as birth. 

It must be understood however that modern drugs are in fact chemicals (toxins) and ultimately, although the short-term effect of keeping the child alive is achieved (from birth throughout childhood), the long-term effect is body toxicity and organ dysfunction – i.e. dysfunctional brain chemistry function. Body and brain dysfunction caused by organ dysfunction is extremely common nowadays. 

Our water, our food, our air, and even our medication, literally poisons us. Where ADD and ADHD are caused by such, Acudetox and or Magnotherapy is the most powerful and successful treatment available. However, diet plays an important role in the treatment process as well as the diet maintenance process after treatment. Boundary issues and parenting techniques also play a critical role.

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