Acudetox involves a simple, standardized five-point auricular (ear) acupuncture modality.  

The Needles are generally left in place of 30 – 40 Minutes. NADA-style treatment incorporates frequent acudetox sessions and the use of ear seeds and/or magnetic beads all within the context of addictions and behavioral health treatment and prevention programs and mutual support fellowships.  

Acudetox supports the treatment and recovery process by making the client stronger from the inside.   

Auricular Acupuncture is the most powerful way to detoxify the human body.  Certain organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs play a vital role in detoxifying the human body.  Toxins are readily found today in the water we drink (chemicals), the food we eat (preservatives, colorants, flavourants), and the medication we take (pills, cough mixtures etc.).  Toxins find their way into our fat cells as well as our organs and they are quite difficult to remove through normal processes.  Normally, detoxification takes relatively long to accomplish.  Toxins are then excreted through the mouth, skin, urine and feces. Auricular Acupuncture works by forcing organs to excrete toxins by stimulating electrical pathways in the ear with acupuncture needles.   The process is relatively painless but extremely powerful.  Imagine dust that sticks to a television set.  The dust sticks to the screen because the television is positively charged and the dust is negatively charged.  To remove the dust we have two options.  Use a damp cloth or reverse the polarity of the television.  When it comes to electrical charges, opposites attract.  Change the polarity of the two objects and they will repel. Auricular detoxification works in the same way by placing a sterile stainless steel needle in an electrical pathway connected to the toxic organs.  The metal needle changes its polarity and the toxins are released.